Internet Of Things

We offer end to end expertise in IoT, including IoT platform design and development, data ingestion, storage and processing, and building cutting edge applications that bring IoT insights and intelligence to enterprises and their business offerings.

Data Monetization

Apply cognitive computing to IoT data to create opportunities for driving new business models and revenue streams, expand into market adjacencies, and realize operational efficiency.

Asset Management & Optimization

Distill insights from IoT connected sensors & devices to add intelligence and real-time alerts that focus maintenance efforts towards deriving greater value from your assets.

Connected Products and Experiences

Transcend traditional product boundaries with IoT connected smart products and solutions that can sense and respond to user needs, taking the user experience to a whole new level.

Process Automation

Enrich traditional PLC & DCS driven control systems with Industrial IoT (IIoT) for real time data and advanced analytics that leads to smarter and more automated manufacturing.

Smart Monitoring

Build IoT enabled monitoring solutions across use cases with connected sensors and devices for responsiveness and efficiency.

Connected Platform

Build secure, scalable and flexible connected IoT platforms to deploy and manage connected products, systems and data driven applications.


Ingest and process large IoT generated data, build & leverage advanced analytics for anomaly and pattern detection, outcome prediction and prescriptive actions to drive intelligence & automation.

Stream Processing

Design and implement massively parallel real-time processing & analytics for IoT data streams that deliver actions and alerts in near real time.

Intelligent IoT Systems

Build intelligent IoT systems that act on IoT data streams and analytics outcomes, for exceptionally intelligent operations & interactions.

For monitoring assets, their utilization, availability, and data from connected sensors

Manufacturing factory floor equipment monitoring and prognostics

For medium sized business who have fleets of vehicles (trucks, buses, maintenance vehicles,
delivery vehicles)

For tracking employees in Mining industry, Engineering and Construction industry