Embedded Systems

Multi-Antenna Modules & Multi Function Radios

Antenna R & D activity is focused on developing compact and efficient patch and PCB antennas.  Single, Multi-band and Multi antenna modules in the band of 470 MHz to  5.5  GHz are being developed. Our proprietary isolation technology (AMC) will allow up to 4 frequencies to operate simultaneously and has the potential  to  improve  performance  of single band antenna.

Technology & Innovations

System Engineering

We are a technologically advanced company focused on indigenous electronics design and production. We have nearly three decades of experience in system design, manufacturing and customized System-in-Package solutions. Our company experts has formidable domain knowledge in the fields of:

  • Electronic systems conceptualization
  • Design validation, simulation, prototyping
  • Functional testing
  • Quality assurance and production

We are one of the global leaders in design and manufacture of QFN, BGA, MCMs, thick film hybrid microcircuits and System-in-Package (SiPs). We have the expertise to design multilayer PCBs, RF modules/assemblies, modular integrated solutions and embedded passive components, SAW filters and antennae, including EMI shielding.

Algorithm Development

The strategy is to utilize and improve on established third party baseband codes for our Multi- Service Processor Modules. We have an Architecture team to focus on this area and deliver products that meet the time to market requirements.

Packaging & Process Technology

Advanced chip level interconnect and assembly technology involving die bonding, wire bonding, flip-chip, etc. are our baseline approaches for reducing form factor, beyond the conventional very low pitch Surface Mount Technology. We have the capability and volume capacity for handling assembly of CSP packages like FBGA, micro-BGA, BGA, QFN, WL-CSP (Wafer Level CSP) and Ultra compact packages to international quality standards, including special packages for sensor media access, hermetic packages for military and aerospace, etc. Our capabilities include PCB assembly with fine pitch components, WLCSP’s, PoP etc. extending to complete box build.

Embedded Software – A complete solution

Embedded software design services and support

  • Board Support Package Development and Porting
    • Windows Embedded CE
    • Embedded Linux
    • Android
  • Firmware and Device Driver Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Embedded Application Development
  • PCB cadding expertise using tools : CADENCE; MENTOR