About Us

At AIRAVATCUBE, we believe that strong business relationships are founded on trust. In working with us, our clients trust that we deliver on time on budget the right solution to increase their productivity. Our central tenet is “Start Small Grow Big”. We are a Golden hued One.

“Best way to sell something—don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy”.

Our Story

It all started with an Idea with Technology and Innovation. Providing valuable solutions for a diverse group of clients has always been our mission.

What we Do

We’re a Strategic Consulting Company. We develop products, provide consulting strategic on end-end implementation.

Driving complex initiatives of strategic importance utilizing the Agile manifesto

Caring and passionate about driving our organization through the Scaled Agile for Enterprises (SAFe) Transformation

Passionate for process design, continuous learning, and improvement skilled at managing relationships across the enterprise

How we Do it

Providing Enterprise Customers with Best-in-Class Technology Design, Deployment and Support with Agile Management.

25+ years of experience, expertise managing IT Services Operations
Model & Span Characteristics
First-Gen ITO
2016 – 2017
  • Fortune & large enterprise focus
  • Global engagement program
  • Managed services templated at large scale
  • Process & Governance rigor
  • CIO as Program Mentor
New-Gen ITO
2017 – 2018
  • Mid-market focus
  • Customized engagement program
  • Staff aug to managed services evolution
  • Modified agile scrum development
  • BT-CXOs, CIO as Program Enabler
Next-Gen ITO
2018 –
  • Niche, Mid-market focus
  • Extreme offshore engagement program
  • Managed services template at low scale
  • Resource competence above market median
  • BT-CXOs, CIO, CEO as Program Leaders

OUR Team

It all started with an idea… A new approach for deploying and supporting technology. We manage projects and customize solutions. Technology is our foundation. It is our passion. It is where we excel. Quality is our non-compromising commitment. We are a curious, creative, experienced TEAM. Our talent is both an art and a science. It is both a business and a culture. Our clients are the key to our success and we are here to serve them.

  • Design & development from idea to deployment (including Industrial design)
  • Maintenance, support and Enhancement Focus
  • Turn-key Product development
  • Hardware development
  • Embedded Software development
  • Mobile, Web & Desktop application development
  • Data Analysis, Visualization
  • Big Data with Cloud computing
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection


  • Work content: Exposure and opportunities to work on broad span of technologies
  • Horizontal span: Develop & leverage cross-skilling abilities
  • International opportunities: Finite stints at client HQ or locations
  • Work-life balance: Pursuit of hobbies and talents
  • Learning environment: Support to pursue training & certification programs


  • Above market compensation: Upper quartile of median
  • Client visibility: Direct interface with client peer group and reporting manager
  • Wealth sharing: Participation in ESOPs
  • Work culture: Flexible, informal & performance driven
  • Role: Avenues to experiment & rotational opportunities


  • Buddy referrals: Building a peer group with camaraderie
  • Lateral targets: Identifying organizations with broad, relevant talent pools
  • iMPACT: Rigorous training program for entry level folks to deliver ‘industrial strength’ code
  • Background: Consistent academic performance, from reputed institutions
  • Competence: Target of ‘2.5 skills coefficient’


  • Profile: Ambitious ‘A’ players stagnating in Tier1/2/Mid-tier organizations
  • Focus: Building technical skills as opposed to managing teams/projects
  • Desire: Emerge as ‘coding gurus’ as opposed to ‘team/project leads’
  • Inclination: Be part of a nimble, fast growing environment
  • Stability: Willing to invest in tenure for accelerated career advancement